About me

  • Recovering journalist, if there is such a thing. At various points in my career I have covered food/nutrition, K-12 education, religion, and higher education, as well as writing a weekly parenting column for seven years. Details here.
  • After the Great Newspaper Tsunami of 2009, I moved from covering higher education as a reporter to working in it as an academic advisor. Those who know my penchant for advice giving see this as a perfect job.
  • Catholic. Believer in grace and ritual. Think Pope Francis rocks.
  • Convinced that dancing in the kitchen solves just about every problem. It certainly helps one get perspective. Ditto for hiking in the desert, growing a garden and carefully listening to preschool children.
  • Obsessively curious. Never met a stranger. Believe everyone is interesting and has a story, like these guys I met in Cinque Terra awhile back.italy guys
  • Wife to a native Texan and Mom to four young-adult native Texans, which makes me, by association, Texan, even though I was born and raised in California and Oregon.
  • Trying to complete not one, but two, novels. Occasional guest blogger at NCR Today. Love the great outdoors, small children, new cultures, and Godiva chocolate. Can cause a ruckus when necessary.

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