About me

  • First: Former journalist, although my current boss swears there is no such animal. Complete details here. Day job is now this, but forever drawn to opinion and essay form, ergo a blog. Also attempting to write not one, but two, novels.
  • Second: Catholic. Believer in grace. Think Pope Francis rocks.
  • Third: Obsessively curious. Never met a stranger. Believe everyone is interesting and has a story, like these guys I met last summer:
  • italy guys
  • Fourth: Opinionated. Daughter says I should do a YouTube series called, “What does Renée think today?” What I think is that she must be joking.
  • Finally and formatively: Wife to a native Texan and Mom to four young-adult native Texans, which makes me, by association, also Texan. Further evidence: I make a mean barbecue, I understand the necessity of serving black-eyed peas on New Years, and when called for, I will cause a ruckus.

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