Catholic Tweets

So I’m on Twitter, still trying to discern why it’s important for me to know why a group of students at a university are headed for ice cream or how a certain NPR host defines “distinguished” (can you REALLY do that in 140 characters?) when I stumble upon a bunch of Catholic twitters. Who knew … More Catholic Tweets

Unholy behavior

Not that I’m bitter or anything … not that I’m not the teenyist bit frustrated with the “you may not get your severance upon layoff” message we’ve been getting …. but, it is a bit irritating to read, as though I should feel sorry for the guys, that the CEOs of my newspaper’s parent company … More Unholy behavior

Trusting strangers

My paper, the Tucson Citizen, was supposed to be closed by Saturday. With multiple newspapers for sale and no buyers jumping into the fray (the Rocky Mountain News folded a few weeks ago and the Seattle P-I shed about 130 staffers Monday to go to a 20-person online only newspaper Tuesday) no one expected a … More Trusting strangers

Signs of God

A few months ago, I told a priest I wished God would send a Post-it note with a message that: 1) proved God’s existence and 2) told me what I should do with my life. The impending layoff, wondering what is going to happen to journalism, despair that maybe no one will notice when news … More Signs of God