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Unholy behavior

Not that I’m bitter or anything … not that I’m not the teenyist bit frustrated with the “you may not get your severance upon layoff” message we’ve been getting …. but, it is a bit irritating to read, as though I should feel sorry for the guys, that the CEOs of my newspaper’s parent company are (sniff) having to cut their bonuses by 60 percent. Apparently, they’ll only get about $3.1 million in bonuses this year.

Is it wrong to make so much money – is it immoral? Sinful? I’m not sure. But in this economy, with millions laid off, I think it is, at least, tasteless. Shame on them for taking any bonus when they are continually asking their papers to lay people off or force furloughs. Maybe they wouldn’t be losing money if they weren’t paying such outrageous salaries. Just a thought.