Catholic Tweets

So I’m on Twitter, still trying to discern why it’s important for me to know why a group of students at a university are headed for ice cream or how a certain NPR host defines “distinguished” (can you REALLY do that in 140 characters?) when I stumble upon a bunch of Catholic twitters.

Who knew there was a plethora of Catholic Twitter feeds? There’s catholictweets (a page that is awfully barren), legit_catholic (not sure of the definition he/she is using) and even two catholicdads sites. But the one that caught my eye was this one:

Catholichermit — consecrated Catholic hermit living a rule of the nine s’: silence, solitude, slowness, suffering, selflessness, simplicity, stillness, stability, serenity

Isn’t it sort of anti-hermit to be twittering your every move? It reads, somewhat, like an online confession. Discuss among yourselves.


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