In advance of Holy Week

Two years ago at this time, my friend APB – who missed his true calling as a writer and became a lawyer – wrote a blog about Good Friday that included the following truth: “Pretty much all of us have people at the foot of our crosses, people who never abandon us even if they are only there to take us down.”

This has been a rotten Lent for me. (Not that Lent is ever great for me. Like being a John girl or a Paul girl, depending on which Beatle you like best, I’m an Advent girl, not a Lent one.) I’ve been stressed and worried over the impending layoff and what that means – or doesn’t – for my future as a journalist, which means I’ve just been slogging through the season without much thought.

And that’s why I’ve been thinking about Paul’s statement about people at the foot of our crosses. Sometimes, when you’re slogging through life, there are people around you – at the foot of your cross – who get you through. Without them, the slog would be unbearable. With them, it is tolerable.

For me, this Lent, the folks at the bottom of my cross are in the daily Mass community at the St. Thomas More Newman Center. Mostly, its the students, who bless me more than they could ever know. They don’t do anything in particular, but in their energetic, thoughtful selves, they give me hope – for the world, for the church, for the future. And, this far into the dark penitential season of Lent, hope is the light at the end of the tunnel.

(For those who want to read more from APB, he’s plays hooky from lawyering over at The Moving Finger Writes)