Hiking Theology

I got to go on a hike on Easter Sunday. Normally, we’d do the family food fest, but stress in the M-F world had me desperate for the outdoors. So I packed some ham sandwiches and apples, and headed to Sabino Canyon‘s Phoneline Trail with the amazing Clare and the equally amazing Hunt. Hanging out … More Hiking Theology

Jesus makes the news

Too funny not to comment: I’m looking at Google news this a.m. and, scrolling down the right hand side of the page, I see the “In the News” section, where the top 10 most-yammered about folks are linked to various stories. You can see that today, Holy Saturday, Jesus Christ makes the top 10, but … More Jesus makes the news

China’s stolen sons

From Saturday’s New York Times: When she is not scouring the streets at night for her son, Ms. Chen and her husband go to the local police station and fall to their knees. “We cry and beg them to help,” she said, “and every time they say, ‘Why are you so hung up on this … More China’s stolen sons