The final journey the “green” way

National Catholic Reporter has a story that’s generating a lot of traffic this morning about the first U.S. Catholic cemetery to offer a “green burial option.

Mt. Carmel Cemetery near Detroit, has become the first U.S. Catholic cemetery to offer a green burial option. Technically, Mt. Carmel isn’t all green; it’s a “hybrid” cemetery because it offers the regular get-embalmed-get-laid-in-fancy-casket along with the natural, green method, by which the deceased is laid to rest “without embalmment, entombment or the use of non-biodegradable materials,” according to NCR.

Only one-half an acre of the 12.5 acre cemetery will be for green burials and in that section, the caskets will be biodegradable and families can substitute shrouds or blankets in place of that casket if they so choose. Another good thing about this green option is that it is a viable option to cremation, something the Catholic Church has allowed for a couple of decades but something that is still distasteful to many.