Holy Rolling Empire Music Video

I knew they were working on a video, but I didn’t know it was finished. Only recognize the lead singer, although some of the other actors in the video seem familiar. Still, pretty cool; check it out. Bipolar Bear Mania Music Video- Holy Rolling Empire from Chelsea Coles on Vimeo.

Coffee and God

Second time in seven days that I’ve worked remotely part of the day from a coffee shop. Second time in seven days that, while working remotely, I’ve overheard serious conversations about discipleship, ministry and outreach to young people. The first time was a middle-aged woman and a 20-something talking about an upcoming foreign mission trip. … More Coffee and God

The young converts

Image by tskdesign via Flickr A recent poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, showed that 44 percent of Americans do not belong to their childhood faith; many had just switched affiliation, some had given up on organized religion altogether. However, the survey also found an interesting trend: 54 percent of children … More The young converts

Print Media Crisis

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The story will sound familiar to any one in secular print media. One of the largest Catholic magazines is offering voluntary buyouts and looking to rethink its strategy. See the story about St. Anthony Messenger’s struggles here. I guess working for God doesn’t offer protection from the Internet.

Join the Circus!!

Any registration for a class that includes the question “Will you be renting stilts?” has my vote for coolest summer class anywhere. I just finished an Employability Skills Workshop offered for “dislocated workers” (the PC term for the unemployed) and during it, we were asked to think about our “skills.” My main skills – curiosity, … More Join the Circus!!