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Join the Circus!!

Any registration for a class that includes the question “Will you be renting stilts?” has my vote for coolest summer class anywhere. I just finished an Employability Skills Workshop offered for “dislocated workers” (the PC term for the unemployed) and during it, we were asked to think about our “skills.” My main skills – curiosity, risk-taking, tenacity, pretty high lie-radar – qualify me to be a good reporter (the job I just got laid off from) or …. a spy.

But wait! As I was ordering my unemployed drink (no more $4 anythings for me, I’m down to the $2 variety, and only two days/week instead of every day) at Epic Cafe today, I saw an ad for a summer course in, yes, you guessed it, CIRCUS TRAINING! I could do that!

Tucson Circus Arts (Who knew about this? Did you, Ryn Gargulinski?) is offering a Summer Camp right this very second but another session starts Monday. Morning sessions are kids only, but the afternoon sessions are for ages 12 and up, and as they exclaim on their site, “adults included!” Of course, the classes aren’t free, but perhaps they could qualify as retraining and get a little money through Obama’s job retraining funds. Or, Tucson Circus Arts could offer some free courses for the depressed unemployed to cheer themselves up.

So, for everyone who has ever said, “I want to run away and join the circus,” now may be your chance — go get some skills.