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Coffee and God

Second time in seven days that I’ve worked remotely part of the day from a coffee shop. Second time in seven days that, while working remotely, I’ve overheard serious conversations about discipleship, ministry and outreach to young people.

The first time was a middle-aged woman and a 20-something talking about an upcoming foreign mission trip. Way cool convo to overhear. Today, it’s two male 30-somethings, one dressed in medical scrubs who seems to be interviewing the second about how he would define a successful religious leader. Not so interesting.

By their language, it was easy to identify these folks as Evangelicals, not mainline Protestants, Jews, Catholics or Muslims, and maybe they don’t have offices in which to meet or maybe they think the witness of talking about God in public is important. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, they’re willing to drink mediocre java while chatting – the two places I’ve had to work remotely (due to transportation sharing with offspring lacking wheels) in the past seven days aren’t Cafe Luce or Raging Sage or Epic Cafe, which, btw, is currently featuring the wacky Ryn Gargulinski as Artist of the Month. ‘nuff sed.

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