Can I get a Witness?

If you need one, they’ll be at the Tucson Convention Center tomorrow: the district convention for The Jehovah’s Witnesses is hosting it’s final three-day session there this weekend. The JW’s have held seven “Keep on the Watch” sessions this summer in Tucson and a press release from the group said they were “delighted to note … More Can I get a Witness?

Assisted Suicide

People have been fighting for the legal “right to die” for decades now. Assisted suicide (which, in another time, perhaps another place, God Blogging thinks might have been called homicide) is now legal in Oregon and Washington and Montana Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in September on a case that could lead to that … More Assisted Suicide

Stuff that bugs me

File this under the “and more” part of God Blogging: This weekend was full of STUFF THAT BUGS ME. Maybe you all have had similar experiences, or other pet peeves you want to share – feel free. But this stuff really gets on my nerves: 1. Parents who bring their small children to non-G-rated movies, … More Stuff that bugs me

Does religion HAVE to be serious to be taken seriously?

Weddings are normally pretty staid events, especially when held in a church, and especially where the wedding procession is concerned: The groom waits alone at the altar watching as the flower girl and ring bearer, then the bridesmaids/groomsmen, then the maid-of-honor and the best man, and finally, the bride, march down the aisle to, usually, … More Does religion HAVE to be serious to be taken seriously?

Bad Rabbis

When I first heard yesterday that Jewish rabbis were involved in a New Jersey corruption sting, my thoughts went out to the folks in their congregations because I remember the guilt-by-association feeling Catholics had when the clergy sex scandal broke. I found myself explaining – over and over again, amen – why I stayed Catholic … More Bad Rabbis