Happiness Media for Happiness Wednesday

One of the things that religious people do, IMHO, is take themselves too seriously. Not all religious folk, mind you, but definitely the extremist kinds. I recognize that to them – be they Fundamentalist Christian, Orthodox Jew or the Saudi Arabian form of Muslim – religion is literally life and death. But to me, a God who could crank up the evolutionary cauldron that resulted in aardvarks and giraffes has to have a sense of humor. It isn’t God who has caused all the problems in, say, the Middle East, it is people’s interpretations of God. And these are folks who seriously need to lighten up.

Ergo, I offer you the GodLovesMEBest videos from the YouTube Channel, a series that bills itself as a “new television satire” examining the craziness of extremist religious views. I watched two of the videos and found them really funny, but then again, I also liked God, Inc. , which some of my friends found really offensive.

According to the Web site, the thesis behind God Loves ME Best is this: “What happens when a Transvestite Muslim Extremist, a gun and porn Loving Christian Fundamentalist, a Fame hungry Zionist, a pill-popping Buddhist with an anger management problem, a basket case Wiccan, and a kleptomaniac Atheist all live together under one roof?”

You can subscribe to this “new television satire” and watch all the videos online. There’s even one video about making the series, in which the actors and directors are asked how many people they think the shows offend. (Funniest answer: “Three: My parents and me.”) Here’s the opening video promo – dare you not to smile.

God Loves ME Best promo on YouTube