File this under weird

Looking for a job on Sunday, as we unemployed are wont to do, I came across this ad in the Star want ads:

The Sunday, July 19, classifieds in the AZ Star.
The Sunday, July 19, classifieds in the AZ Star.

Notice that they are asking for people to sell subscriptions to the Tucson Citizen, which closed May 15. That’s one of those weird things that makes you get all creepy feeling inside, as though maybe you’ve been living in an alternative universe and somewhere out there, there is still a print edition of the once-oldest daily in AZ.


6 thoughts on “File this under weird

  1. Dear Renee: Go ahead and start selling subscriptions. We can use the income! After you have the cash in hand, advise our customers they’ll be subscribed to a special VIP edition of the (otherwise free)  : )

  2. You do realize that is a boiler room, right? For those that do not know, a boiler room is where all those telemarketers you wish would find real jobs work. They’re called boiler rooms because that is where this typically less-than-honest “profession” got its start.

  3. The Tucson Citizen is not “closed.” It stopped publishing a newspaper May 15. Nevertheless, there are no subscriptions to sell.
    Some house ads never die.

  4. I stand corrected by the editor, but wonder if this isn’t semantics? There are no subscriptions to a newspaper because there is no newspaper – it stopped publishing  in May. Neither is there a Tucson Citizen news Web site, as pointed out by Kate Marymont of Gannett, who said over and over when announcing Gannett’s decision to halt the printed paper, that what Gannett was going to keep running in Tucson was “not a newspaper Web site.”  Either way, there are no subscriptions to be sold and its exceedingly odd that TNI is running ads that mention subscriptions to a NEWSPAPER that hasn’t existed for more than two months.

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