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Happiness Wednesday!!!

Have you ever noticed that just adding an exclamation point can make you happier? As can smiling, no matter how you’re feeling. So, how did you all do on your happiness resolution for last week? As you might recall, I said I would get out with a friend, and build a make-do Web site to host my clips so job hunting would be easier. I am happy to report that I did do task #1 (went and saw The Proposal) and I didn’t do task #2. Normally, I would beat myself up over not completing the second task, but in my desire to not only discover what makes me happy, but BE happier, I’m choosing to do what happy people do: Look to the positive.

One of our daughters experiencing real happiness in the sea off the coast of Rocky Point
One of our daughters experiencing real happiness in the sea off the coast of Rocky Point

Did doing/not doing either of these things increase my happiness quotient? Interestingly enough, yes, but not in the way one would think. The movie was an afternoon flick and I had a hard time really enjoying it b/c I was thinking I should be working. but I chose that time b/c it would be cheaper, and that’s a big deal for me right now, being unemployed. So, while I had a good time with my friend, I learned that if I’m going to get out, my personality is such that I would enjoy it more if I did it after work hours. I felt like it was the first time in about 20 years I’ve made any self-discovery and THAT really made me happy.

As for task #2, I was rushing to do it and it was taking me a long time and then I realized I could probably find someone to make a way better site for me without having to pay an arm and a leg if I marketed my need through Twitter, looking for a hungry almost-or-recent college grad. So that’s what I did, and she came along, and we’re moving toward an kick-derriere site for relatively small outlay and far less stress. Discovering that sometimes, its better to pay for a product than make it yourself was also news to me and – ta-da! – made me happier.

So, how about you guys? Anyone out there try to figure out what would really make you happy and make a resolution last week? If so, how did you do? Share your progress in the comments section. If you didn’t do anything, why not start this week? We’re sticking with the resolution for one more week and then we’ll move onto the next step. I just want to give new readers a chance to get involved before we move onto the second step of the project. To learn about the resolution step, as well as what the heck the Happiness Project is, read last week’s post, here .

And if you think you’re all alone – fear not! Look at this map of all the Happiness Project groups being launched around the world. Note the Tucson push pin! If you mouse over it, a balloon pops up directing folks to the project here at God Blogging. I don’t know who did the map, probably the founder of the Happiness Project (proving once again that she is the world’s most productive person), but it is way cool.  I’d be happier automatically if I were so creative I could make a digital map!!! But for now I’ll stick with my second happiness resolution, which is saying one positive thing to each person I come in contact with this week, and, for the people I live with, a new positive thing each day. Spread the love, my peeps.

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