Rick Pitino and UA’s happiness

When UA basketball officials were hustling to find a replacement for basketball coaching legend Lute Olson, Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino on their list. According to folks in the know, UA officials talked to Pitino at least once, but couldn’t ever shake him loose of Kentucky.

After yesterday’s revelations that the coach – reportedly a Roman Catholic father of five – had sex with a virtual stranger and than later gave her $3,000, which she used to get an abortion, UA athletic officials (not to mention President Robert N. Shelton) are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that Pitino rebuffed their advances.

The story is sad, on so many levels, and can be found here.

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5 thoughts on “Rick Pitino and UA’s happiness

  1. UofA getting Sean Miller instead of any of their ‘top’ choices proves that God in fact does exist, and is a Wildcat fan. 🙂

    1. Radmax:
      So true! :-). I just think Jim Livengood is probably in the athletic department offices saying, “Man, I just dodged another bullet!”

      1. Morning Renee. I think Miller and the guys are going to surprise some skeptics this season. Go Cats! PS-Livengood would have been gone by now with anybody else. Your comment is right on.

  2. Please, they couldn’t shake him loose of “Kentucky?”  SLOPPY.  There was no way he was going to come here, he already had animosity towards AZ due to our taking some of his recruits.
    He’s a rock star and was due to do something stupid like this.  He’s a Jackass and deserves to be vilified.  AZ got a great coach.

  3. AZ has a shot at another NCAA bid with Miller.  I just hope they aren’t too critical just to keep them from catching up to the NC record.  AZ has gotten a generous nod a couple of times lately, no reason to punish this team.

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