Health care reform event in Tucson Friday morning

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The local MoveOn Council is sponsoring a support-our-congresswoman event Friday at 8 a.m. at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ Tucson office on the corner of Pima and Swan.

According to an e-mail forwarded to me from a member of the group, Giffords needs to be shown that people in her district support having a public option in whatever health care reform package is adopted (IF a health care reform package gets adopted). Food and signs will be provided, but mostly, MoveOn reps say that the right-wing has hijacked the discussion over reform and people who support it, need to get off their duffs and show that support.

Here’s a clip from the announcement:

Bucking her fellow Blue Dogs, Rep. Giffords has come out in support of a public option, and is therefore being viciously attacked by the right wing. Rep. Giffords and the good people in her office need our support so that she will continue to fight for the public option. Signs, bagels, donuts, juice and coffee will be provided.

Bring American flags and other patriotic gear. Meet in front of Rep. Giffords’ office early. The scheduled event time is from 8-10 AM.

Rep. Giffords needs to hear from her local constituents. Right-wingers are doing everything they can to hijack the debate—they’re even using fraudulent tactics, like bringing people who don’t live in the district to town halls. That’s why we’re organizing “Real Voices for Change”—an ambitious campaign to show that the overwhelming majority of Americans continue to support Obama’s plans for change.

We have numbers on our side, but Rep. Giffords won’t know it unless we all show up. Coming to this event is a timely and easy way to make sure thoughtful constituents are heard in the public debate over health care.

The claim that those against a public option are bringing people to protest at Town Halls who don’t even live in districts represented by various legislators is footnoted from a report by a Fox News reporter (can’t claim liberal bias on that one now, can we?) that you can find here. As for the stats on the majority of Americans supporting Obama’s call for massive overhaul, you can look at a whole table of stats about what a recent poll of the average Joe shows regarding who supports what here. For more info about tomorrow’s event, go here.

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9 thoughts on “Health care reform event in Tucson Friday morning

  1. If Fox News can figure out that the Town Hall “protests” are a sham it should be patently obvious to anyone. My guess is that an intern there figured it out and someone else took the credit for it.

  2. I’m confident that the vast majority of tomorrow afternoon’s anti-government option protesters will be CD8 residents, or at least Tucsonans. 

    You’ll also find that many Tea Partiers agree that our health care systems needs some major changes.  What they don’t agree with is Obama’s prescription for making those changes.

    I wonder how many pro-government option protesters MoveOn.org and ACORN and Soros will bus into town…

    1. I am so glad you brought up the question about bussing in supporters. Those were supporters–not protesters.
      Apparently, supporters don’t need to be bussed in – they just show up. Supporters don’t need bussORs to bring in bussees. Citizens who support health care reform don’t have bussORs because they are not propelled to action by ORganizations supported by cORpORations.
      I was there. I looked everywhere for signs of bussees. It looks suspiciously like cORpORations don’t support ORganizations who support health care reform.  Hmmm

  3. I wish I had known about this earlier – I would have been there.
    I’m certainly relieved that Gabby has seen the light and broken with the Blue dogs – I hope she continues to.
    Thankfully my Rep is Grijalva so I don’t have to worry about him not voting the right way.

  4. There was a woman waiting for SunTran near the event this morning who stated she was against “all that.” Against health care reform of any kind because she didn’t want “her money” paying for it.
    Bless her heart. To feel that way while living on undoubtedly deserved social security disability checks and receiving medical care under Medicare (or Medicaid).

  5. Grijalva is AGAINST the public option, I do believe.
    If I am wrong, I would very much appreciate being corrected!

    1. Superb! I’m glad I brought it up to be corrected. It really made no sense that Raul would be against the public option. Thanks for the heads-up.
      He will be on Arizona Illustrated this evening, BTW

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