Glad faculty walkout isn’t planned at UA

This news courtesy of a heads up from Inside Higher Ed as reported yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle: More than 700 faculty from the University of California system have signed a petition saying they will stage a system-wide walkout next Thursday, which is the first day of classes at some of the schools in the state-wide UC system.

The Inside Higher Ed Quick Takes blog says the walkout is to protest the way the cuts are being handled by the head of the UC system, as well as demonstrate to the CA state Legislature that millions-dollar-large cuts do in fact affect the teaching mission of universities.

UA President Robert N. Shelton
UA President Robert N. Shelton

As demonstrated in the comments in posts I’ve done about the alleged faculty upset at UA, faculty and department heads alike agree that the differential cuts applied at UA this fall (2 percent cuts to sciences and professional colleges; 7 percent to the rest of the colleges) will hurt the teaching mission of the institution. UA President Robert N. Shelton seems to disagree by approving the cuts and reiterating what he’s said for more than a year: In the new economic world, UA can no longer keep doing everything. You can see some of the comments decrying his approach here and here.

I hope the faculty and disgruntled department heads will get more of a hearing from Shelton than they feel they’ve gotten so far, but mostly, I hope no one calls for a faculty (and/or student/staff/adjunct) walk out. My daughter is a UA junior working 1.5 part-time jobs and majoring in anthropology with minors in art and French. Her anthropology classes are eating her alive with required work. She needs every second of her professors’ time in those classes.

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One thought on “Glad faculty walkout isn’t planned at UA

  1. President Shelton means well but maybe his leadership abilities do not include being a change agent.  It is easy to confuse a manager in the good times for a leader. If you ever want a true leader (change agent), I would recommend  Dr. Robert Gates. He should be available sometime in the future.

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