Meet Pulitizer Prize winning reporters Thursday night

Are you interested in learning how investigative reporters get the goods on public officials and figure out who is

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio

doing what with your tax dollars? If so, get ye over to the University of Arizona tomorrow night and hear from two of the best.

Ryan Gabrielson and Paul Giblin, who together won the Pulitzer Prize for local reporting in April, will be speaking about investigative journalism at 7 p.m. Thursday in room 211 of UA’s Education Building. They won the Pulitzer for a five-part series investigating the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Their work demonstrated how Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s near single-minded focus on detaining and arresting illegal immigrants in his county had resulted in a lack of enforcement of other crimes. The public, in other words, was paying taxes for slower response times to any number of 911 calls while Arpaio directed those funds to hunting down illegal immigrants.

Timing is everything, and today the Wall Street Journal is reporting today that the Obama administration is now limiting Arpaio and his deputies’ ability to use federal immigration law to arrest suspected illegal immigrants.

Gilbin is a UA grad and Gabrielson attended the school before beginning his award-winning journalism career. You can read all about the men here, but don’t pass up the chance to hear them speak in person, especially if you want to learn how reporters keep an eye on government for the rest of us.

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23 thoughts on “Meet Pulitizer Prize winning reporters Thursday night

  1. What is this at the end of this blog?

    and  i’s own Sherrif Joe Arpiaolbinisn’t every day someone who won a Pulitizer prize for investigative reporting comes to town.

  2. Let’s all saw “hello” to each other tonight at this talk.  Sounds like it will be very illuminating.

  3. Just wish Pima County had been fortunate enough to get someone like Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run the shefiff”s office here.  He absolutely has the correct policy of detaining illegals and handing them over the the feds to be returned(most to Mexico).   If our federal government was doing the job it is suppose to do, Sheriff Joe wouldn’t have to be burning Maricopa County tax dollars to do the job the imbeciles in D.C. are avoiding.  It is the job of the federal government to keep the border secure. The burden should not have to fall  on state and local government. These so called “journalists” are doing nobody any favors(except, obviously,those illegal aliens who are draining far more taxpayer dollars from the system than Sheriff Joe ever possibly could). Why don’t these leftist journalist wannabes do some serious reporting on what all these Mexican(primarily) illegalistas are costing U.S. taxpayers to support them on welfare, support their illegal kids in AZ school systems, pay for their anchor babies to be born in AZ hospitals, pay for increased police protection because they have driven the crime rate up,  pay for increased insurance costs because of that increased crime, pay to keep the felons in AZ jails when they are caught and convicted, pay for their court appointed attorneys, pay for the judge and the court system to try and convict them, and of course pay to have their dead bodies shipped back to Mexico when the gangbangers kill each other in Tucson and in their South Tucson barrio. When will the lib media begin to address this much more serious tax dollar issue?

    These two stooges posing as journalists have shown once again how meaningless and politicized  the once prestigious Pulitzer Prize has become.  The Pulitzer Prize has become degraded these days, to little more than than a pat on the back and an attaboy from their liberal media pals. Once upon a time it did mean more than that.

    I can think of no good reason why I would care to attend a lib  praise-a-thon honoring these two jerks.

    1. Hi Ado,
      Have have to agree with you.

      Do you think the journalists who have recently exposed ACORN will get any positive recognition? I know they won’t get an award of any kind, but they can’t even get any positive media.

      Oh, what about the folks that infiltrated Planned Parenthood and got video tape of workers encouraging(what they believed was) a fourteen year old to get an abortion and not trying to help this young woman when she told them her boyfriend was an adult?

      Who’s more important to protect in this country? An illegal immigrant, or a precious child who is possibly being taken advantage of by an adult? Is it more important to try to find dirt on a local sheriff, or a huge group like ACORN?

      I don’t get it and I don’t get the priority.

      1. Hi, azmouse.  Those folks who did the “60 minutes” hidden camera thing at ACORN got plenty of positive support from others of like mind who oppose ACORN.  That’s all you can expect.  

        I don’t hear a lot of positive support for Senors Chavez and Correa in the MSM either.   

      2. Hi leftfield,
        I just think the prioritizing is way off. Maricopa folks keep voting for him so they are obviously happy about the job he’s been doing.

      3. True that. 

        I just finished reading a book about the integration of Little Rock High School in 1957.  In the midst of all the troubles, a public referendum was put on the November ballot in Little Rock.  Seventy percent of the residents of Little Rock at the time voted against integration of the schools.

      4. Well the white ones are – I’ve heard the hispanics aren’t that happy, but what they hell there are more white votes.

      5. Only some of us think that trying to outlaw abortion or preventing the poor from getting legal assistance, which is why those “journalists” won’t be getting a Pulitzer.
        Ido is right about that – what is considered “good for the country” is very different for conservatives and for liberals.

    2. You’re funny, Ado.  With your bold letters and your righteous anger, it’s clear that the rest of the world just doesn’t get it, do they? 

      Little Joe has been very quiet recently.  He must be either keeping his head down or else he’s back in court again. 

      1. You seemed to have missed it Lefty, so here’a re-run,  just for your benefit.

        “The big print giveth,  and the fine print taketh away. “ 

        ~  Fulton J. Sheen

      2. Ado, just wanted to be the first to inform you that your good friend Barack was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Seems the Nobel has gone the way of the Pulitzer.  You may have to ask yourself, “Is it me, or is it them?” 

        Darn those Norwegians anyway, Ado.  They’re always causing trouble.

    3. The Pulitzer Prize has become degraded these days, to little more than than a pat on the back and an attaboy from their liberal media pals.”
      One of the stories the right keeps telling themselves is that things have “become degraded THESE DAYS”.
      In the good old days the Pulitzers were never awarded for exposes of the Klan, Courts were never “activists” and desegregated schools, newspapers never covered lying by the Pentagon and teachers never mentioned evolution.
      I blame it on Leave it to Beaver.

  4. Come on, guys.  Take a good look at that picture of Little Joe.  Is he not the funniest-looking white man you’ve ever seen?  Perhaps his parents should be investigated.  I like the four little stars of authority on his collar, too.

    1. Rumor has it that he’ll grace the cover of People magazines Most Sexiest Man Alive issue, leftfield.

      1. Nope; maybe next year.  This year you’ll be seeing yours truly on the cover.  Don’t tell anyone; I’ll be using my alias, “Hugh Jackman”.

      2. Isn’t it great, leftfield, how you and I disagree on so many things, but we like and respect each other to much to ever be mean to each other? (and we’ve never even met!!)

        Why can’t we teach the rest of the world to be the same way?

  5. azmouse – I like and respect you even though we disagree on about everything because, over time, I’ve come to believe that your heart is in the right place.  This has always counted for a lot with me.

    You also have a very desirable personal quality that I lack – a greater capacity for doubt.  People who lack doubt entirely can be very dangerous. 

    1. Thanks leftfield,
      I believe your heart’s in the right place as well.

      I kind of get what you’re saying about doubt, although I see it as my lack of confidence, I think. I’ll be honest with you, my parents are very old fashioned, and as you know, hard core republicans. I was never told about college, or even expected to go. Don’t get me wrong, they are great people, but they really thought I wasn’t smart enough to get by in life, but I was pretty enough to marry well, like a doctor, who was older than me so he could control my behavior a bit. lol

      Thank goodness they have changed a little over the years, but I have things I feel really pationate about, but rarely have the confidence (or maybe the smarts?) to back myself up, and when I do, I am so non confrontational that I’ll just let it go, even though I don’t want to.

      That’s why I admire the fact that you can say the things you say (no matter how crazy!! LOL!) and roll with the punches so well. But, this blogging has really been helping me with my lack of confidence I think, so I really enjoy it, even though I don’t like people who get mean.

      Anyway, thanks friend. (sorry, I’m not ready to call you comrade yet. lol)

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