Passion for Happiness Wednesday

The economic meltdown has launched any number of new small businesses as people get laid off from their jobs, take salary cuts or find out that they have to support family members who have lost their jobs.

Such is the case with Tucsonan Christiana Staller, owner and operator of Little Flower House Cleaners. I’m writing about Christiana today because she’s one of the happiest women I know, in spite of a background that would have crushed lesser women. She just believes in believing in yourself, learning from your mistakes, and starting over again – although it took her a number of years to get to that happy space after years as a domestic violence victim.

So when her housecleaning business started to lose customers as people who hired her lost their jobs and had to clean their homes themselves, Christiana – a single mother with three of her five children still living at home – didn’t sit down and feel sorry for herself. She just got busy with Passion Parties. (Motto: “The ultimate Girls Night In.”)

You’ve heard of Tupperware parties and Pampered Chef, no doubt. A  Woman invites over some friends, opens a bottle of wine, passes around some snacks and they all watch a consultant demonstrate items that can later be purchased. Passion Parties is along the same lines except there isn’t any burping of plastic or cooking lessons involved.

“The way I explain it to the ladies is that Passion Parties accessories bring passion and romance back to their lives,” Christiana said. “There are lots of creams, lotions, body washes, perfumes, things that will make you feel beautiful and sexy and then, of course, there are toys to play with because, after all, sex is supposed to be fun!”

Christiana’s New York cousin convinced her to give the job a go two months ago, and so now Christiana can clean a woman’s bedroom in the morning and then offer to sell her, ahem, “items” to spice up the marital bed at a party that night.

“You can just get a catalogue from me and order from there but it is more fun to have a party and the hostess gets discounts based on what people at her party might buy,” Christiana says. “The girls just have some wine, talk girl talk about love and live and buy some stuff. It’s fun!”

The items for purchase range from $10 to $175 and if you’d like to host a party and put a little passion into your life (because, after all, it IS Happiness Wednesday), contact Christiana at

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3 thoughts on “Passion for Happiness Wednesday

  1. Thank you so much Renee. I love the article. I have only one comment and that is to say that my house cleaning company is Little Flower House Cleaners.  I feel like a celebrity. Have a Happiness Wednesday!!

  2. Renee, did you read Karen Nelson’s blog “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” yesterday about the Dalai Lama’s Happiness book?  I have heard of these Passion Parties and admire Christina Staller’s entrepreneurship.

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