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Who says prayer has no power?

An armed robber in Indianapolis shopping center ended up hugging the woman he was trying to rob and then praying with her before leaving with only $20 and the woman’s cell phone. A brief story on the event can be found here, and it is all over the news this a.m. All I wanted to add was that people frequently question the power of prayer because their understanding of God is so limited. They view God as a magician and prayer as the way you can get God to do your bidding.

But what anyone who has spent any length of time on their knees will tell you is that prayer doesn’t necessarily change events; it changes the person praying. And in that personal change, events can – as happened during the robbery – take a turn for the better. If you watch this video, it is obvious that prayer has some power. It just isn’t the power televangelists proclaim.


2 thoughts on “Who says prayer has no power?

  1. Good point.  Perhaps it can serve as another form of meditation. 

    As to televangelists, my life would be so much less without them.  I love seeing their garish outfits, bad toupees and overly dramatic oratory.  My favorite is the current trend of promising people wealth in proportion to how much they give to the “ministry”.  I guess the everlasting life thing was all played out. 

  2. I have found that people often question the power of voodoo dolls because  their understanding of voodoo is so limited.
    Anyone who has seriously spent time gathering specimens and casting spells can testify to their efficacy 🙂

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