Interfaith chats and belief in science as religion

Two interesting pieces on Google News this morning to share. No comment from yours truly, as I’m up to my eyeballs in homework, but feel free to read and discuss amongst yourselves. (But remember to play nice in the God Blogging sandbox, please.) Here’s one on interfaith dialogue and here’s another out of the New Statesman that discusses how faith in science (think global warming) is now officially protected in the same category as religious belief. Hmmm. I guess that means that atheists really are, in spite of their fervent denials,  “believers.”

Interesting side note, the New Statesman (“created in 1913 with the aim of permeating the educated and influential classes with socialist ideas,” according to their Web site) being a United Kingdom publication, sticks w/ the King’s English usage so there are no periods after honorifics such as Mr. and Ms. and that completely makes me want to pick up a red pen. It also has a religion blog called The God Blog, which makes me feel like a copycat having God Blogging.


One thought on “Interfaith chats and belief in science as religion

  1. Typical religious nonsense – conflating “religious” with “philosophical” in a country which doesn’t have a first amendment.
    Actually though I’m jealous of the British – even though they don’t have official freedom of religion they have more, in fact, than we do in the US where Catholic bishops can force their doctrine on other smaller denominations through referendum.

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