Good paper makes really bad decision

Can anyone say liar? How the editor of the Dallas Morning News can say that yesterday’s announcement that some of the paper’s section editors will report to (say it ain’t so!) honchos in the AD DEPARTMENT won’t “cross the line” into the ad guys determining the editorial content of one of the countries largest circ. papers is beyond me. But he does, indeed, say that, right here in the Dallas Observer. This is what’s known in the journalism trade as going to the dark side. But in the days of newspaper circulation dropping as fast as Niagra Falls, maybe it is the only way. Yuck.

On another note, today was the first day this laid-off journalist spent actively engaged in her new career. I’m in practicums in my teacher training program and spent the morning in front of an English classroom, teaching two separate lessons to three groups of students. I wrote the lessons myself and executed them without anyone passing out from boredom or throwing things at me. A couple of the kids even said thanks as they left the room. My reward for doing so well? My mentor teacher said I can come play with her newspaper class next week!


4 thoughts on “Good paper makes really bad decision

  1. Journalism and teaching are certainly two of the most honorable professions.  If they weren’t, they would pay more. 

    1. Hey, Andy, thanks! The welcome maybe premature, since you know, I still have to pass two state exams and get the certification and then get a job and everyone and their dog seems to have the same idea right now 🙂

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