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Planned Parenthood undercover video

It is no secret that God Blogging has little to no respect for Planned Parenthood, so it won’t be a surprise to readers that I’m passing on a video of an undercover taping at a PP clinic done by LiveAction, an anti-abortion movement led by young people. (Note: I label LiveAction anti-abortion instead of pro-life because I can’t determine from their web site if they are also against the death penalty and unjust war or for massive social services and extensive educational funding for those born into poverty — all pro-life values. Note #2: I point out that LiveAction is spearheaded by the young because, for most of its existence, the anti-abortion movement was led by older folk who wouldn’t know YouTube if it smacked ’em up side the head. This youth-led movement is a serious change.)

For people who wonder – and surely some do – my distaste for PP comes from their shift from supporting access to birth control (their aim in the early days) to an almost total focus (and financial dependence) on abortion. The final straw was when a nurse I met in Dallas showed me a memo encouraging her and her PP clinic co-workers to “push” more abortion services so the clinic could makes its monthly revenue budget. The report a few years ago in Consumer Reports showing that two of the most ineffective condoms to use were sold by PP, which was followed by a report that showed those were the two most popular condoms sold at PP at the time, lent fuel to the fire. (Fair and accurate reporting note: CR also noted that there was one condom sold at PP that received CR’s higher rating.)

Now, there are the LiveAction videos, the latest of which you can find over at Fallible Blogma here, where the doctors and nurses speak for themselves. And before anyone jumps on me in the comment section saying I’m an ignorant prude or a religious nut trying to push my agenda, please read my post on birth-control here, and keep in mind that some of us view unwed pregnancy as an economic and societal issue, not a religious one. Additionally, not all of us who are against abortion came to that conclusion through Divine inspiration but rather, like my agnostic and atheist friends, through reason: As one such friend told me, wrong is wrong, even if there is no God.


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  1. I don’t know, Renee.  I watched the video, but I don’t think it lives up to the hype any more than the “climategate” emails.  It doesn’t seem to me to be an issue to refer to “heart tones” or a “fetus” as opposed to using words with more emotional impact when discussing terminating a pregnancy with a woman dealing with an unwanted pregnancy.  It seems safe to assume that a person in that position is already in a difficult emotional state and using emotionally-laden terms would likely add fuel to the fire, so to speak.  It seems also that if you are dealing with someone who doesn’t understand the term “fetus” and implies that they are clueless about what’s going on inside their uterus, as the young woman in the video is pretending to be, you’d want to tread especially carefully in your discussion.  As to the argument about when a baby is a baby or when a fetus is viable, unless you’re saying that you find abortion up to that date acceptable, I’m not sure how that changes the ongoing debate.

    Faulty condoms and pushing procedures?  Sounds like something that indeed ought to be a matter of concern to be looked into by PP.

    Perhaps wrong is wrong, but we all have to decide for ourselves what is “wrong”; there’s no universal standard accepted by everyone. 

    1. “Perhaps wrong is wrong, but we all have to decide for ourselves what is “wrong”; there’s no universal standard accepted by everyone. ”

      hitler felt the same way.

      1. I think Hitler actually felt he was the final arbiter of right and wrong; not unlike anyone who would decide for the rest of us. 

        If there are absolute rights and wrongs, who decides what they are?

      2. Leftfield,
        Just because there is no universal standard that is accepted by everyone doesnt change the fact that one does exist. There are universal rights and wrongs and they have been decided on by God. The summary of all the rights and wrongs are:
        1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and
        2. Love your neighbor as yourself
        Merry Christmas,

      3. There are universal rights and wrongs and they have been decided on by God.
        The problem being, of course, that my God disagrees with your God.

      4. I know this is as pointless as banging my head against the wall, Mike, but there is no omniscient entity looking over the universe.

        Anyway, long before the little guys with bad teeth living in mud houses invented Jesus Christo, it had been accepted that treating people as you would want to be treated was, in theory, a good idea.

        Happy Winter Solstice

    2. Well Comrade Lefty,  it seems we have another point of agreement. I also believe the preceding condom discussion fails to mention that some condoms are preferred by couples because they are thinner and therefore more sensitive.  Thinner may also equate to somewhat less effective than thicker, and  depending on just how much of a workout they are given during usage, may not stay intact.   I don’t know, but would wager a bet, that the condoms that are getting the most sales at PP are  of the thinner variety simply because they feel better rather than any attempt by PP to market defective condoms. 

      I  do support a woman’s absolute right to have control over what does or doesn’t grow within her body(as I would for anyone). That is not to say I don’t think that there shouldn’t be reasonable limits on that right.  IMO,  a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester without any restrictions. There is zero evidence that any embryonic development has advanced to the point of self awareness of any kind during the first thirteen or so weeks. 

      IMO, terminating a pregnancy in the  second trimester should not be done routinely. There should be verifiable detrimental physical health issues that would result from a continued pregnancy in order for a woman to terminate her pregnancy.
      I am totally opposed to late term abortions and believe that should the need ever arise to terminate a pregnancy in the third trimester, it should always be carried out as a premature delivery, and never as an abortion.
      IMO, there should be unrestricted access to birth control information and products for anyone, regardless of age,  so that abortion does not become an alternative to effective  means of birth control.


      1. Wow, maybe this is a sign of your developing maturity under my tutelage.  Next we’ll work on the inherent contradictions of capitalism and the inevitability of imperialism in a mature capitalist state.

  2. “against the death penalty and unjust war or for massive social services and extensive educational funding for those born into poverty — all pro-life values.”

    i am anti-abortion, support the death penalty, would question what you would determine is an “unjust” war ………… was born into poverty and ask no one for anything.

    guess i don’t qualify for pro-life, huh?

    planned parenthood ……. abortion thugs and the supporters of mass infanticide for profit. enough said.

  3. I’m sure that you would prefer everyone use the condoms your Bishops approve, but really the right wing tactics used by the anti-abortion nuts are pretty consistent.
    Next would you like to pass on a video showing how evil ACORN is, or would you like to expose emails of client scientists ?
    In the meantime the rest of us really would like to see healthcare reform, but the bishops are going to put the quash on that for us.

  4. Hi, guys. I think the point of the video is that inconsistent and unclear medical information was given out and I don’t think PP is all that concerned with further traumatizing those girls. There was no care shown that girl, no comfort offered, just a bunch of semanitics over what the fetus/baby is called. Heart “tones”? Give me a break. If you go to a doctor, when you are 8 or 10 weeks pregant, and he does an ultrasound, he says, “There’s the heartbeat.” I know, b/c I’ve done it four times. He doesn’t say, “there’s the heart tone.” When they give you those weird pictures of the ultrasound, they say, “There’s your baby.” It all depends on who is doing the talking, I guess, whether “it” is a baby or a fetus.But PP isn’t concerned with the women, they are concerned with making money.
    I’m completely against my Church’s stance on condoms, esp. in the developing world. As for health care reform – the bishops (and others) are doing what they think is right – the are fighting for what they think is right – and, according to the polls most Americans agree they don’t want tax dollars paying for abortions. If, for instance, there was funding to kill all one-month old children, would you support it? I don’t support funding for certain things (environmental issues, war issues, etc.) and so I try to investigate where my money goes and try to make changes. People invest their values. People have different values, but I shouldn’t have to pay with my tax dollars for something that goes directly against my values – and neither should you. Of course, we do, all the time, b/c taxes are spread all over, but all I’m saying is that people are allowed to fight for their values (not funding abortions w/ taxes in the case of the religious groups) and you can do the same. that’s what makes this a great country.
    As for the emails of the climate scientists – i think they are very interesting. Not everything is a conservative or liberal plot. sometimes, things just are what they are. And in that case, it’s pretty darn interesting.

  5. I tell you what, Renee.  I’m willing to support the idea of PP being consistent as well as clinical and precise in their counseling, but I am certainly not willing to support the idea of ending the availability of abortion services at PP.  At the same time, perhaps you could talk to the anti-abortion people about ending their emotional appeals and getting rid of those bumper stickers that say, “It’s a baby-not a choice”.

    Like global warming, the abortion debate has gone beyond just the medical facts and circumstances.  It is now bigger than just access to abortion services.  It has become another front in the bigger war – the American culture wars, with the winner to decide the future of our country.  As such, it becomes a fight to the end and the fate of women with unwanted pregnancies becomes almost tangential.  I say this with a wisp of sadness about where the country has gone, but also with the clear conviction that the forces of conservativism must be forever destroyed and banished from this country as surely as we banished smallpox and malaria from our land.

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