Being on the other side of the reporter’s notebook

Welcome to 2010. I’ll be posting a detailed blog about what will be up here at God Blogging this year later this morning, but wanted to notify interested readers that I’m the featured interview today over at Peace Garden Mama, discussing journalism, faith and parenting. Feel free to jump over here to read it, and thanks to blogger and author Roxane B. Salonen for seeking me out to interview.


6 thoughts on “Being on the other side of the reporter’s notebook

  1. Great interview Renee, and good luck teaching high school English.  I remember how much my teacher Mr. Lynn inspired me to read and analyze poetry such as T.S. Eliot’s “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”  You can do wonderful work with writing as well.

  2. I loved reading the interview. You have much to offer young people based on how positive and excited you are about life, about the world. And as far as figuring out how to deal with religion in a public school – don’t worry about it; just be you. The kids, believe me, if you relate to them simply as human beings as you’ve done with your own children, will get a sense of who you are. If you live your values, religious and otherwise, before their very eyes some of it will seep into them. The main thing I’ve loved about teaching is that nothing in your life goes to waste. Every talent, every interest, every life experience you’ve had will come into play somewhere along the way. Anyway, I wish you the best in your future. Take care.

    1. Thanks, Ernie. I hope for the best in the teaching world. I’ve still got nearly a year to go in the cert. process, so not too much to worry about just yet. Something that surprised me (perhaps it shouldn’t) was that I really like being in the classroom with kids during my practicums … and the teachers. But administration and some of the rules in schools??? That sometimes makes me wonder.

      1. That will forever make you wonder, believe me. But when you have the kids on your side and a clear view of right and wrong you’ll more than survive, you’ll thrive.

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