Pope’s Message to Priests: We Must Blog

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI

On Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI offered a new command to the world’s priests: Thou Shalt Blog. It was in the Pope’s message for the 44th World Communications Day that priests and others read B16’s take on preaching the gospel in the digital age:

Responding adequately to this challenge amid today’s cultural shifts, to which young people are especially sensitive, necessarily involves using new communications technologies. The world of digital communication, with its almost limitless expressive capacity, makes us appreciate all the more Saint Paul’s exclamation: “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” (1 Cor 9:16)

Keep in mind that the almost 83-year-old pontiff is the man of Pope2you and his own YouTube channel. As Mashable mused a few days ago, the pope “gets it” more than many of his younger clergy when it comes to reaching Catholic youth. It isn’t enough to have a parish web site; the pastor should be blogging, and tweeting and preaching the Good News out there on the Internet to combat the less positive messages infecting cyberspace. But, as Faith and Reason pointed out, they need to remember it isn’t their tech prowess they are showing off but rather, faith in JC.

The two priests at my parish are both on Facebook, although each uses it differently. One tends to write brief movie reviews and the other promotes events such as the Walk for Life. But both have a presence. One tried blogging last summer, but his posts were very long, something that most bloggers will tell you is a cardinal sin. Neither of them use Twitter, but that’s OK because so far, neither does the Pope.

There are a number of priests and nuns out in the blogosphere, including him, him and her, as well as plenty of non-ordained Christians, Jews and Muslims sharing faith, inspiration, commentary and all manner of takes on the world. As someone once said, “Here comes everybody.” I love it.


11 thoughts on “Pope’s Message to Priests: We Must Blog

    1. Hey Tipster: Let me axe you a couple of questions: How many Catholics have hijacked airliners and flown them into large office buildings in the last 10 years? How many Catholics have are we fighting against in both Iraq and Afghanistan, who are killing our soldiers?
      If you’re talking hate, my friend, you’ve got the wrong region, methinks.
      Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

      1. Hey FB, let me axe you a question or two: How many christians have served at the right hand of armies invading and plundering the lands of indigenous peoples?  How many good christians were slave owners?  How many christians get on TV with a bad toupee and a cheap suit and trick lonely old people to send them money? 

        There ain’t as much difference between you monotheists as you’ like to believe.

      2. Seems as though too much religion of any faith should be a sin. When men starts espousing the ‘will of God’ in their own terms, heaven help us.

  1. That doesn’t mean that (every priest) must open a blog or a Web site. It means that the church and the faithful must engage in this ministry in a digital world, those who have a certain age will struggle a bit more lol.
    <a href=””>Andy</a>

    1. LOL! ??? Yeah, old time face to face consolation, advice and concern should be replaced by a monitor. lol

  2. Interestingly, when I logged on to the internet today the first thing I saw was this headline:  John Paul II Used Belt to Whip Himself.  

    Reading this, it has become clear to me that you religionists have got it all figured out.  I will now repent my belief in reason and begin to whip myself daily. 

    1. That does go a little beyond what I would consider penance. Odd. Oh well, back to the real world…self flagellation of a different variety.

  3. Hey Tipster: Let me axe you a couple of questions:..If you’re talking hate, my friend, you’ve got the wrong region, methinks
    I have never understood why christians think that just because islam is worse than christianity, that was a defense of christianity.
    Sure islam preaches hate and I’ve never defended it – but there aren’t many muslims in the US – we are surrounded by christians and here have much more to fear from christians than muslims.
    If I lived in Saudi Arabia and some ayatollah was encouraging the mullahs to blog more, I would have the same reaction there – uggh

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