Open-eyes with teacher cert; launch of TucsonSentinel

I blogged about an assignment we had in teacher certification classes over here today, if anyone is interested in joining the convo or passing on the link to teachers you may know. Have to go get the rest of my classwork done, but before I do, want to send a shout out to some former Citizen colleagues who are doing a soft-launch of the TucsonSentinel, a “news, info and commentary” site of the non-profit, new media model.

They are hoping for some major donors and until they get that they won’t be able to bust out like investigative reporting award-winning voiceofsandiego, but with funding – and thus the ability to pay some young {e.g. willing to work for less than $25,000}, hungry, kick-butt journalists – they very well could be. They’ve already been smarter than many of these online news launchups by partnering with GlobalPost, ProPublica and Cronkite News Service out of ASU. (You GO, boys!)

The site is nicely designed, easy to navigate and last night, after less than a week in operation, it held a live chat of the State of the Union address that worked better than any live chat I participated in held by the AZ Star or the Citizen when it was operating as a print paper. Of course, few people know about the Sentinel yet, so perhaps their server just wasn’t overloaded with a million comments, but still, it was impressive. So…. if you care about the future of news in Tucson, check ’em out. Here’s their “Hello World” post.