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Mark your calendar: Talk on free will; march for peace

Interesting talk this week for the thinkers among us: University of Arizona philosophy professor Shaun Nichols will be speaking Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center on the topic of free will. His talk is titled Our belief in free will: Why we have it and what if we lose it? and is part of the St. Albert the Great Forum on Science and Theology.

These talks draw a wide variety of people, many of them brainiacs, but I’ve been assured by a friend that Prof. Nichols’ talk will be accessible to non-eggheads as well. They are fun, even if most of the theory goes over one’s head, if only to show folks how little they really know about the intersection of philosophy, ancient thought, science and theology. A good time is usually had by all at these free talk/discussions, which are held downstairs in the Center, located on the northwest corner of 2nd Street and Cherry on the UA campus.

And then, next month, we have the 7th Annual Muslim-Jewish Peacewalk. This gathering is open to people of all faiths and traditions who share a “vision of coexistence and mutual understanding,” according to this year’s flyer of the event. The 2-mile walk starts at 2:30 p.m. at the Al Huda Islamic School on River Road, and ends about 4:30 p.m. at Congregation Ner Tamid on Allen Road. There’s a mid-walk rest break at St. Philips in the Hills on the corner of River and Campbell so the Episcopalians can show off their great hospitality to all walkers.

While the walk doesn’t start until 2:30, people are encouraged to arrive at 1:30 for some welcoming events and snacks to fuel their peaceful endeavor. So, if you’ve never seen Jews and Muslims side by side, join in on the walk. You’ll spend a peaceful Sunday afternoon having your mind opened a little bit. For more specifics on the walk, go to


2 thoughts on “Mark your calendar: Talk on free will; march for peace

  1. Actually that was unfair – I just reacted by seeing it was hosted at the Witch Doctor Center Newman Center. After checking out Dr. Nichols it appears that he has a pretty fair idea of what he is talking about – just a little confusions undoubtedly caused by to much exposure to the pseudo-science of “philosophy”. If I have a chance I will try to drop by and maybe I can clear up a few things for him.

    1. Tip, thanks for noting that you wrote your first comment before you thought/checked your facts. You obviously don’t know anything about the Science/Theology forum or you wouldn’t have posted like you did. I appreciate that you hate religion and anything/anyone having to do with it. You don’t have to keep proving your position by being hateful in the comments section. Name calling and sarcasm are inappropriate and juvenile. From now on, if you can’t be polite, I’m going to start deleting your comments. I encourage you to contact the blog administrator – Mark Evans – and ask him to let you have a blog of your own so you can post how and what you like. But on this blog, I run the show and I’ve grown weary of commenters who can’t politely offer constructive criticism or thoughts for further reflection – emphasis on the word “politely.”

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