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Before he was Pope, Benedict XV1 knew of horrific abuse

The wonderful Laurie Goodstein has documents (redacted, just like the politicians’!) and a great story showing a dismally sad state of affairs in the Vatican when reports of a priest abusing 200 deaf boys came to Rome’s attention. And, depressingly – but not surprisingly, since he was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the time – the current Pope was involved. Read her story here.


2 thoughts on “Before he was Pope, Benedict XV1 knew of horrific abuse

  1. The sad aspect of this long stage of purging, is that most every Bishop around the world was likely to have had a minute number of pedophiles in their Diocese. The probability factor alone would dictate so.
    Tucson, Arizona and Albuquerque, New Mexico were noted by the insiders to be one of the locales where aberrant priests were relocated to give them another chance.  While many of those priests have in fact been cleaned out of the hierarchy, and many others were prosecuted, another population simply left quietly before being indicted.
    Tucson had a handful of those priests. I know, I was one of those insiders working as a Property Manager for the Diocese of Tucson in the early 90’s.  Some were housed at Regina Cleri, the old seminary on east 22nd  St.
    Not a very spiritual experience, but I, and, they are stronger and more faithful as a result of those travails. It took years to heal from my knowledge of those practices.  I was the vocation chairman for the Serra Club in those days, a Catholic organization promoting vocations to the priesthood amongst young men. During my tenure, I had to tolerate Monsignor Trupia serving as the Chaplain to this fine  organization while he was a known sex offender.  This is not your Fathers Church!
    I penned those experiences in a short story entitled; “The Bells of St. Marys Don’t Ring Anymore.”
    I understand, Rene, there is still a study forthcoming that addresses  how it all happened.   My simple observation goes back to June of 1973 when Richard Nixon eliminated the Draft. Prior to that, many men entered the Seminary to avoid the draft, and had very little fire in their belly for Jesus, culminating in a conflicted life. I met many of them while attending a Franciscan Formation program, and frankly they were the reason I and others left.
    One of my old pals to this day, quips rather humorously that if we had stayed and THEY had left, the Church may have had a different face.
    Thanks for your timely news reporting.

  2. I am beginning to think that there is another, bigger scandal here, and it is the collaboration of the civil authorities – the police and Atty Generals.
    All of these victims have had to hire lawyers and spend years in civil suits because even when they reported their abuse to the police they were ignored – the church is just too politically powerful for AG’s to take them on.
    The only one I’ve seen to even try was in Boston, and the Pope flew the Cardinal to Rome where he can’t be extradited.

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