Exercising our voting rights

My gift from the polling place
My gift from the polling place

Did you? My polling place was fairly empty when I got there at 11 a.m., the latest I’ve ever gone to a polling place. There were no Prop. 100 folks, either for or against, which surprised me somewhat. In fact, the parking lot mostly had a contingent of “Paton’s Army” trying to gather enough signatures to get Jonathan Paton name on the ballot in his attempted run for Congress.

How were your polling places? What do you think will happen with Prop 100?


2 thoughts on “Exercising our voting rights

  1. Voted at the Northwest YMCA at 10:30 a.m. I was the only one there. Prop. 100 will be close if the turnout is low with it probably losing. If the turnout is high (above 40 percent) I think it passes by 5 points.
    I voted no for these reasons.

  2. I think some of your reasons have merit — but what pray tell, is the solution to AZ budget problems. Three-fourths of the states have done a combo of budget cuts and raising taxes (w/out voter approval, just legislative leadership) since the economy tanked. People say cut – but cut where – can you give me some real specifics.

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