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Remember what I said about the frontal lobe yesterday? Well, what could better illustrate researchers claim that the executive functions of the brain don’t develop until the late 20s than the story of the arrests of four “young immigration activists” at Sen. John McCain’s Tucson office. Here’s the kicker: They were protesting the paralysis around the DREAM Act, which would provide a six-year path to citizenship to qualifying immigrants who demonstrate “good moral character.”

While the Act doesn’t specify what good moral character is, it does say it would be characterized by being “a law abiding resident of the United States.” And, here, dear ones, is where we get into trouble. If one is here illegally, how can that be “law-abiding”? That is a blog for another day. This morning I just want to point out that if you are here illegally, the last thing you want to do is protest at a U.S. Senator’s office and then admit you are here illegally. I guess the latter could be considered demonstrative of good moral character, but the former only shows poor judgment. And good judgment is seated where, class? Correct: the frontal lobe.

Side note: For those wondering about the blog promised Monday regarding the status of the Citizen archives, there’s been a holdup in getting some information. All I can tell you for sure is that Gannett did, indeed, spit on the Arizona Historical Society’s proposal to house the millions of clips and photos from the paper’s 138-year-old history, and instead decided to put them unde the care of Lee, Inc.-owned Arizona Daily Star. Why and details of it all (as well as details regarding as-of-this-minute pleas), are going to take a little more time.


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  1. Civil disobedience always has its consequences and it might be considered poor judgment from one perspective.  I guess one could also argue that all those celebrated soldiers who threw themselves on grenades or single handedly charged a machine gun similarly showed poor judgment.  Somewhere in there must be room to look upon such things as selfless acts of courage performed for the greater good.    

  2. I think that you are comparing apples to oranges. Yes, the military enrolls the very young. Then they put them through boot camp to teach them (brainwash?) them to think as a unit (not think for themselves) and to follow orders without question.
    Yes, civil disobedience has a great history and it has consequences.
    But these are kids who are here illegally and now will probably be deported, which doesn’t help THEM or their cause (the DREAM Act is stalled until immigration reform gets settled) and probably makes it so they can never come back. Doesn’t help them and doesn’t help the greater good …
    And service in war, especially certain times of war, is a great selfless act performed for the greater good. Ditto the Civil Rights Movement. Four students outside a conservative Sen. office fighting for the DREAM act doesn’t seem on the same high-minded lines.

    1. The military does not brainwash young peoples minds and certainly does not teach them “not to think for themselves” Does is teach unit cohesiveness? Yes. Does it teach discipline and the value of uniformity while accomplishing a mission. Yes. But I am here to tell you right now that on the battle field a soldier,sailor, airman or marine does think for themselves and it is often those thoughts that become some of the most recorded acts of bravery in history.

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    Wow, Renee. By this line of logic – that I find rather uncharacteristic of your normal writing, by the way – what’s the point of anything, then? Odd that you would find those kids to be, well, “stupid.”
    The attitude you’ve expressed is largely the view I have of most protests – against the death penalty, against corporations, against, well, insert your favorite cause here. Have you decided to go over to the dark side of apathy?
    They decided to make a stand and made it. They’re making a point, much like that pair that got arrested five or so years ago for providing aid to people dying of dehydration. (<sarcasm>) ‘Cause, you know, they were aiding and abetting all of those stinking, Spanish speaking, brown people who are taking over the country and all…And heaven forbid that those people get, like, a drink of water or something as they flee back to Mexico…Before you know it, they’ll cost the state of Arizona, like, real money or something to pay for the water they “steal” from all of us perfectly law abiding, hospitable and nice white folk of good moral character…’Cause nothing says I have good moral character like making the crossing of a border without the right piece of bureaucratically issued paperwork a death penalty offense. Give into the hate, if only for a couple of minutes. (End of sarcasm tag for those who can’t detect it: </sarcasm>)
    And after Prop. 100 passed with a 2 to 1 majority.  Where’s the (muted) joy on that?
    I ask with all sincerity, are you okay?

  4. Hey Matt:
    Thanks for reading and thanks for asking :-). Yes, I’m fine … just busier than I would like for the summer! I haven’t had time to blog on Prop. 100 – but I am glad it passed. I think it proves that Arizona, contary to popular belief, is not full of ignorant, selfish fools; it is only run by those types – at least that’s what the Legislature’s stance on taxes says to me. 🙂 If the money winds up being sucked away from education – which I don’t think will happen b/c Brewer is actually pro education – we who supported Prop 100 will have to let those who opposed it out of fear the L. would take the money and run, will have to let the anti-prop 100 folks say, “I told you so.” I hope that doesn’t happen.
    As for the post above, perhaps the humor/irony was missed. I was trying to say that I don’t think you’d see a 30 year old who is here illegally offering himself/herself up so easily to agents by protesting at McCain’s office b/c his/her brain is more fully developed and he/she sees the consequences ahead of time: deportation.
    I wonder if these three protesters thought of that, of if they thought, hey, we’ll get media coverage and people will save us and everything will be fine. … simply because they are young. I wasn’t really making a statement on illegal immigration.

  5. You bet they teach great values in the military. They teach discipline, respect, honor, organization, and all of those great values which make men and women great people. I just wish we could send  high school students that have lost these values to a military type school to save them from ending up in jail or getting public assistance. I know some Hispanic kids that would flourish if given that opportunity. If their parents refuse to teach them good manners and respect send them to boot camp.

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