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The best video in the world. Really.

OK, I can’t yet post videos at this site, but soon, dear readers, soon! The redesign of TucsonCitizen.com will be near the end of next month, and video-posting training is part of the deal. But this video is too precious to wait until then. “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation” is a video that will make the most crotchety among us smile (although her baby sister/brother didn’t seem to thrilled). And it is a great, great example of the power of what we in the education biz call “positive framing.” I’ve got this bookmarked to watch each day because I need the reminder that, yes, I do like everything and I can do anything better than anyone!


One thought on “The best video in the world. Really.

  1. Very encouraging, although dancing on the sink seems a bit dangerous. I wish my 4 y/o daughter would be so positive… all I get is rants…
    Waiting for you to be able to post videos on the site!

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