Amazing teachers – “I just LOVE you!”

0511-1002-1017-4515_Cartoon_of_a_Dad_Hugging_His_Son_clipart_imageTalking about how difficult teaching is, especially that first year, makes me want to point out the guy over at Look At My Happy Rainbow, a “rooster in a world of hens,” because he teaches Kindergarten.

Read his last post of the year for an example of what I think makes a good teacher. In a world where some schools don’t even allow recess and my best friend – a kinder teacher – was told she is not allowed to use the “p” word in her classroom (“play” for those who are wondering), the sprouts in Mr. Halpern’s class are ahead of the game. And, in spite of all the misguided cult-like focus on tests, tests and more tests in upper grades, I hope more teachers at all grade levels will take the Halpern way. I know I plan to.