Yet another reason to get out of Iraq/Afghanistan

Today’s offering on the Diane Rehm show was informative and a great example of how investigative journalism – Daniel Zwirdling’s, not Rehm’s – can bring about positive change. Hundreds of our soldiers are returning from the combat zone with traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Sadly, as Zwirdling’s reporting (with help of T. Christian Miller of Propublica) discovered, many of them are hitting a brick wall or having to swim a sea of red tape to get the help they need.

Congress has begun asking questions and folks from the White House down have said they are working to fix the problem both for soldiers at home and on the battle field, but the fact that young men and women are losing their cognitive function through the incidents of war is yet one more reason for us to get the heck out of there ASAP. As one commenter said in yesterday’s post, we should have never gone.

On a lighter note, this is like the ladies who claim to see pictures of the Virgin Mary in tortillas: Scientists claim to

Your brain, on highlighters
Your brain, on highlighters

see visions of the human brain stem in Michelangelo’s frescos. And on an concerning note, this tidbit, about law schools practicing rather overt retroactive grade inflation to help their grads get jobs and their school’s ratings stay high, is more than a tad discouraging, especially since some of those law schools are Catholic and thus, held to a higher standard by yours truly where ethics are concerned.

And speaking of brains, school and ethics, time for me to go plan lessons for the integrated unit I have to teach this fall on The Scarlet Letter. Have a great Thursday.


One thought on “Yet another reason to get out of Iraq/Afghanistan

  1. The good news in this:  those soldiers are returning alive.  In past wars, most of those soldiers would not have lived to make it off the battlefield.  The advances in modern battlefield medicine make it possible for these soldiers to survive the attacks or accidents that wounded them.

    Does the VA need to do everything it can to prevent and then deal with TBI?  Certainly.

    Renee’, if the US leaves both Iraq and Afghanistan “ASAP,” what do you think will happen, and do you care?  (Something tells me that the Iraqi and Afghan governments, large percentages [if not majorities] of the Iraqi and Afghan people, and the UN DO care).

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