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Out seeking grace on vacation

grace3God Blogging will be empty for the next three weeks while I’m on vacation, letting God’s grace find me away from the computer and the craziness of the past year. It will be a great, and needed, break. The past few months journeying with my sister in law and her cancer has taught me that time is short and I really need to get better at enjoying whatever life gives me – especially a vacation.

If you’re wanting general God news in the meantime, check out Religion News Service. If you’re looking for inspiration, Jessica’s Daily Affirmation is still my top pick. If you want to keep up with what I cover discuss most around here – the Catholic Church – go see Rocco over at Whispers, or for a different – and really thoughtful – Catholic look at the news, see Mary at OSV Daily Take. If you’re wondering about faith in general, you might want to visit Flirting with Faith, and if you’d like to keep up on what two UA students are thinking about anything and everything Arizona higher ed, go here. I’ll see you at the end of July.