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The Elite and Education

Joel Stein tackles elitism in The Awesome Column in last week's Time Magazine, and he comes off sounding - as was his goal, me thinks - elitist. From his lede: I went to a better college than you did. That does not make me a better person than you. It does, however, make me smarter,… Continue reading The Elite and Education

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The dream high school curricula

As if I already hadn't said so, teaching is ridiculously hard work. As I come to the beginning of my third week as a teacher's aide in a high school English classroom (and first official week in a student-teaching internship), that hard work is ever more apparent. But lately, something else is becoming crystal clear:… Continue reading The dream high school curricula

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Interfaith marriage and Chelsea Clinton

The Arizona Jewish Post (can we please have a high-five for religions that maintain excellent newspapers?) has a great look at the interfaith marriage of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. Clinton was raised Protestant in the Methodist tradition, and Mezvinsky is Jewish. Although the article does not state which branch of Judaism… Continue reading Interfaith marriage and Chelsea Clinton