About me

  • Recovering journalist, if there is such a thing. At various points in my career I have covered food/nutrition, K-12 education, higher education and, my favorite, the God beat. I wrote a weekly parenting column for seven years and raised four kiddos who, in spite of all my failings, have turned out amazing. I’ve won a number of reporting and writing awards, but my most recent cool moments have been doing a live storytelling and this September 2014 piece in Portland Magazine about spirituality and depression.
  • After the Great Newspaper Tsunami of 2009, I moved from covering higher education as a reporter to working in it as an academic advisor. Those who know my penchant for giving advice see this as a perfect fit.
  • Catholic. Believer in grace and ritual and welcome. Think Pope Francis rocks. Think many of his employees have a long way to go before they rock.
  • Like so many people, receive semi-regular visits from the twin demons of Depression and Anxiety. Beat both back with a happy light, exercise, and my husband’s hugs. Try really hard to avoid self-pity, but am not always successful.
  • Obsessively curious, which I think comes from me having the attention span of a gnat. Believe everyone is interesting and has a story, like these wonderful Italian men I met in Cinque Terra awhile back when I asked if they’d let me take their pictures.italy guys
  • Trying to complete two novels in bits and pieces when I’m not working my day job. Love the great outdoors, small children, new cultures, and Godiva chocolate. (I have self-discipline with exercise, but not food.)
  • Can cause a ruckus when needed, which seems to be about once a week.
  • My pretty-up-to-date-but-not-quite website is here and you can find me on Twitter @rshorton.

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