About me

According to relatives, I came into this world weighed down with passionate opinions and an insatiable curiosity. Eventually, I got paid for my opinions as a newspaper columnist in both the secular and Catholic press. I did other things as well, details of which can be found here but when much of traditional journalism was upended in 2009, I had to find steady work outside of journalism. Blogging became an outlet for my no-longer-viable former columnist urges.

When not working at my current day job, I’m writing a novel, blogging, and attempting good-humor and hopefulness in spite of the rudeness and inhumanity released by the election of President Donald Trump. Because, as I’ve was taught all my Catholic life, people of faith must be people of good cheer and hope or, well, we’re more a people of fear than of faith. Most days I’m not spectacularly successful at this faith-not-fear life method because my long-term buddies Mr. Anxiety and Ms. Depression trot out their Treatises on Why Everything is Awful. Still, I keep trying because I’m competitive.

Sometimes, to remember what life is like if you just look at what’s in directly in front of you, I hang out with this kiddo, who obviously inherited up my nose for news. Thanks for reading BSJ and feel free to reach out at rshorton08(at)gmail(dot)com.





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