About me

According to relatives, I came into this world weighed down with passionate opinions and an insatiable curiosity. Eventually, I got paid for my opinions as a newspaper columnist in both the secular and Catholic press. I did other things as well, details of which can be found here, but when much of traditional journalism was upended in 2009, I had to find steady work outside of journalism. Blogging became an outlet for my no-longer-viable former columnist urges.

When not working at my current day job, I’m writing a novel, blogging, and attempting good-humor and hopefulness in spite of a boatload of rudeness and inhumanity out there.  Because, as I was taught all my Catholic life, people of faith must be people of good cheer and hope or, well, we’re more a people of fear than of faith. Most days I’m not spectacularly successful at this faith-not-fear life method because my long-term buddies Mr. Anxiety and Ms. Depression trot out their Treatises on Why Everything is Awful. Still, I keep trying because I’m competitive.

Sometimes, to remember what life is like if I just look at what’s in directly in front of me, I hang out with this kiddo, who obviously inherited up my nose for news. Thanks for reading BSJ and feel free to reach out at rshorton08(at)gmail(dot)com.






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