About this blog

I’m a God geek who rides public transportation to my job as a career coach at the University of Arizona. I think quite a bit about faith in particular and life in general during my commute. Sometimes, I write those thoughts down. Ergo, a blog title that mentions both buses and Jesus. Also, Pope Francis rode public transportation back before he lived in Italy, which is sort of akin to Jesus riding a donkey. Just sayin’.

A former editor said my essays about faith and life made me the “Nora Ephron of edgy, Christian writing,” which was the best compliment I’ve ever received. That said, I’ve also been called the “tool of the devil,” so it’s probably a wash. While much of the writing here is on the God-blog spectrum, some is about my other areas of experience and semi-expertise: early childhood education, parenting, writing and college life.

I live in the desert but was raised among trees and miss the green but not the rain. I’ve been married 35 years to a man who tries to win me over with kisses when we have an argument (it is an effective strategy) and who builds guitars in our garage. We successfully raised four kids together, and survived multiple dogs, cats and cross-country relocations. A journey that long has both ups and downs, but we’ve chosen each other in spite of knowing the worst about – and seeing the worst of – each other. Seems to me like that’s true love when you’re using that word as a verb, and for that I am grateful daily.

When I’m not writing, I’m advising college students on how to get jobs (and get a life), attempting to raise some of my own vegetables, and pretending I’m crafty. I really like movies, ice cream, improv and laser tag.

The really old posts (2009-09) were authored as part of the “God Blogging and More” blog at the now-defunct Tucson Citizen. That blog won the 2009 Arizona Press Club award for best news blog six months after the paper closed and I was laid off, demonstrating, once again, God’s sense of humor.


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