I have opinions, mostly about parenting, relationships, politics and religion, but sometimes also about food and freedom and laser tag. Unlike much of what’s out there in the inter-webs today, my opinions are born out of experience – both as a newspaper columnist and someone who has lived a few decades – and an examination of facts.

If you’re wondering about the older posts: This blog started as part of my job at the now-defunct Tucson Citizen. It was then called God Blogging and More, which meant I wrote about my passion – religion – as well as my profession as the paper’s higher education reporter. It one an Arizona Press Club award for best news blog. A year or so after the paper’s closure, the name changed to Bus Stop Jesus because I rode the bus to my new job at the University of Arizona and found myself thinking a lot about the intersection of public life and faith. Everything I’ve written under any of the blog names can be found by perusing the older posts of the archives. For now, we’re starting fresh with Opinion Queen. Enjoy!