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Pope Frances & good-enough Catholicism

It didn’t take long for people to become apoplectic in regards to Pope Francis’ addresses to Congress and the United Nations. Self-labeled conservatives took to the interwebs to claim the Pope is not really a Christian and/or is ignorant and cowardly on the real issues. Give them time and they'll insist that him offering a… Continue reading Pope Frances & good-enough Catholicism

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Kindness matters, especially with the truth

It happened again today: Someone told me she wasn't Catholic, "but I really like your Pope." I feel like I should start keeping track of these people - the not-Catholic-but-admiring-the-leader-of-Catholics. It's actually pretty cool. For the first time in quite some time, being Catholic hasn't meant being derided in my place of employment or the… Continue reading Kindness matters, especially with the truth