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On reading the Bible in public

We're in the homestretch with Lent, with just two more weeks until Easter. This week will be difficult but Holy Week will be better, due to the oh-so-close feeling of being inches away from Easter Sunday. (Forgive me Father, for I am a Lenten whiner.) I've been pretty good with my Lenten sacrifices, but not… Continue reading On reading the Bible in public

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The power of food

This is how unconscious I am about the eating of food: It is Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting for Catholics, a fact I reminded myself of multiple times this morning when packing to head home from the conference I was at. I've also reminded myself that my 40-day sacrifice centers around giving up certain… Continue reading The power of food

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Hope – and fear – in taking the Pope at his word

I spent Saturday morning with a group of Catholic women that meets regularly to discuss matters of faith. The assigned reading was a 1926 G. K. Chesterton piece on why he was Catholic. It was a fair choice since many in the group have been asking themselves that question for the past few years. But… Continue reading Hope – and fear – in taking the Pope at his word