Example of black-and-white framework being wrong

Heather Ravenstein is now unemployed, all because she thought she was doing her job. Ravenstein stopped a man who was trying to steal a $600 computer from the Kansas Walmart where she works Friday night and Saturday she was fired for breaking the store's black and white rule about which employees can stop shoplifters. Yes,… Continue reading Example of black-and-white framework being wrong


“Zero tolerance” school practices vs. “critical thinking”

Zachary Christie is now a free boy - sort of. The 6-year-old won't have to spend 45 days in an alternative school for troublemakers, but he'll still be suspended from first grade for 3 to 5 days for his "crime" of bringing his Cub Scout camping utensil to school. Zachary - who you can see… Continue reading “Zero tolerance” school practices vs. “critical thinking”